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Carnegie Hall Trip


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Fundraising Events


A schedule of upcoming fundraising events will soon be posted, so stay tuned!


There are two levels of fundraising for this trip.  Money earned by inidividual student effort, such as Candy Bar sales, will be credited toward individual student accounts.  Money earned through group activities such as T-shirt sales or the skating party will go toward reducing the cost of the trip for the entire group.


Earnings accumulated in individual student accounts through fundraising will be applied to the final payment.  Overpayment will be credited to your account or refunded to you at your request after the completion of the trip.  Refunds will not be given on money received through fundraising.  If a student withdraws from the trip, any money that student has raised will go toward reducing the cost of the trip for the entire group.



  • Basket Raffle
  • Candy Bar Sale
  • Program Ads
  • Rehearsal Bake Sales



  • Music School Cookbook Sale
  • Carnegie Hall T-Shirts and Sweatshirt Sale
  • Rehearsal Bake Sales



  • Roller Skating Party at U.S. Skates
  • Rehearsal Bake Sales
  • Candy Bar Sales at local Shaw’s Supermarkets


For information about how any of the fundraisers work or how you can help, please contact Randi Braunstein, 401.447.9174/



Volunteer Opportunities

It’s not too late to join in the fun!  If you’d like to be a Parent Chaperone or serve on a committee, we would welcome your participation! 


Photos are needed for this site and for promotional purposes, so if you have any, or take any in New York, please send them to Randi Braunstein for posting.  Email:  










If you’re interested in volunteering, contact Christine Eldridge at 401.272.9877 or or Randi Braunstein at 401.447.9174 or